Jun. 1st, 2012

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In the past three weeks I have been on seven airplanes from two different airlines. KLM from Atlanta to Barcelona to Amsterdam and back to Atlanta. Then on United from Atlanta to Chicago to Lansing and back to Chicago and back to Atlanta. May I say that KLM was wonderful. The flight attendants were numerous, efficient, and very polite. I have never been offered so much food by any airline. On one nine hour flight I had four meals. Not to mention the drinks and snacks that came down the aisle, I kid you not, about every 30 minutes. And people, the booze was free. Even the cognac. I would not hesitate to recommend KLM to anyone.

United is another story. The two flight attendants for some reason had the giggles, making the safety lecture a bit of a farce. They gave me a glass of water and offered to sell me a snack. Uh... no thanks.

It seems like every time I like an airline, it's based in Europe. Why is this? Why can't the American airlines seem to get their act together?


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