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Got home yesterday from a wonderful weekend in Atlanta for 221b Con. Saw old friends and made a few new. Romance must have been in the air for we not only
had the Cro-babies (world traveling Sherlock and John crocheted dolls) wedding reception Saturday night (yes, there were drinks and party favors) but there was a real live wedding proposal at one of the panels (yes, she said yes). Speaking of panels I truly enjoyed the ones I went to. From the seriousness of a diagnostic clinician who determined that Sherlock does meet the current criteria to be diagnosed an addict, to the sublime comedy of Arthur 'continuity' Doyle where it was pointed out that the dates used by Sir Arthur would have given Watson six wives, the panels were a highlight of my con.

The con did get off to a bit of a rocky start because of all the problems with Delta and their massive f**k-up with flights. Many con attendees and a few guests did not get in until late Friday and some still arriving on Saturday afternoon. One of the guest authors was unable to get there at all and he was VERY unhappy about it, letting the world know through social media. Can't blame him at all. Good news though for those of us who came by car from a southern direction, the con will be moving next year to a hotel near the Atlanta airport.
That saves a good 30 minutes of driving in heavy traffic, so yea!


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