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I love Christmas shopping online, I really do, but deargawd you do have to keep a constant watch on it. First came the CD of pictures I ordered from a professional photographer. Only $65, so much cheaper than individual prints. Except two days later when I checked my charge card balance, he had charged me $650! After I revived from my (almost) dead faint, I contacted him and listened to his tale of woe about how he was posting charges late at night and so on and so on. The only part I cared about was "I'll rectify this right away." Which he did. So on then to dealing with a big company which shouldn't make these kind of errors, right? Cyber Monday and I'm ordering from my beloved Coldwater Creek. 40% off and free shipping!! So says the big blue banner at the top of their page. Except when I get to the end and hit purchase, guess what doesn't happen? Yep. So here I am sputtering indignantly on the phone again. "Hmmm, no," says the guy on the other end of the line, "It didn't take that 40% off, did it? Let me rectify that right now." Okay fine, you do that. 'Rectify right now' has become my favorite phrase this holiday season.

So check your bills closely boys and girls. Don't let the retail grinch steal your Christmas.
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