Mar. 1st, 2012

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How the **&?@! did it get to be March already?
I seem to have lost most of January and February since I fell into the giant pool of Sherlock fandom. I totally blame my friend T (you know who you are) for showing me second season in one three day gulp. It was our annual fanish gathering on a mountaintop in Alabama, when she inquired innocently "Anyone want to watch the new season of Sherlock?" Okay. We watched episode #1 and episode #2. The final episode was due to air on our last night. Naturally their was no wi-fi on top of the mountain. So off we went to the giant city of Ft. Payne, looking for a restaurant with wi-fi. 'Ruby Tuesday' to the rescue. The connection was bad, but it was there, and T started downloading. We all whipped out our electronics and proceeded to order much food. The startled waitress said she had never seen so many people at one table with so much... stuff. We smiled and ordered more food, hoping that our download would finish before the restaurant closed. It was close, but we had the whole ep at two minutes till closing time. There was much rejoicing. We went back up the mountain to our little chalet. We had champagne. We had key lime pie. We watched 'Reichenbach'. I whimpered and tried not to sob. I had more champagne. It was such a wonderful weekend.

I've spent the time since swimming through the aforementioned pool of fanfic, fan art, fanmix music and songvids. I'm loving every bit of it of course, but deargawd, I have to come up and breathe the real-life air sometimes. So this is just me popping in to wave hello to anyone who cares. Maybe I should just wade around in the shallow end of the pool for awhile, before diving into the deep end again. On the other hand... nah.


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