Jan. 18th, 2011

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I went with friends to our annual 'Bamacon',aka friends get together and go to DeSoto State Park in Alabama and eat, laugh, read fanfic, and hike (if so desired). We left with high hopes on Thursday, but our rented Toyota Sienna van just wasn't built for climbing icy mountains.
We ALMOST made it, but it got just a little too steep and we gently gently slid back into a shallow ditch. We were trying to explain to AAA where we were (on a mountain, in a park, no, we don't know the name of the street) when a good samaritan came along and he and Kendall were able to push us enough to get traction and go back down the mountain. We never even got the guys name, he came and went like a flash. So after one night in Huntsville (went to the Space Center) and another night in Chattanooga (went to the Aquarium) we finally made it back to our mountain and our snow covered cabin. It was beautiful once we were finally there. We had plenty of food with us, and Walks-With-Twigs (aka Deb) makes a great fire, so we managed a day and a half of what we had originally planned. It wasn't what we had expected, but I've got to admit, it was fun.



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